Scenes from a Public Market only photographs on public property, public venues, or if explicit permission from private owners is given. Images are posted not for profit, but for journalistic purposes. It is implied that if you are selling, shopping, or performing in a public place, you are aware that you may be the subject of photojournalism.

We consider all requests for removal for the following reasons:

  • That’s me  (or my child) and I don’t want to be featured on your website.
  • That’s me  (or my child) and I prefer not to be on the cover, but it’s ok, if I’m buried deeper in the website.
  • That’s my trademark/copyright, please mark it as such.
  • That’s my trademark/copyright, please remove.
We will NOT consider the following reasons:
  • That’s possibly me.
  • That’s someone I know, or a relative.
  • That may be the fruit/vegetable/cake/etc. that I  had on my table.
  • I just don’t like that photo.
Alternative to removal
  • Although we retain copyrights to our images, if you are featured on our website, we would love to share the photo with you, so you may print, post to Facebook, etc. Just contact us and let us share.